FECO Poland

FECO Poland

On 13th June 2014 a group FECO Poland was set up. The group consists of Tomasz Broda, Agata Dudek, Stanisław Gajewski, Jerzy Głuszek, Sebastian Kubica, Małgorzata Lazarek, Grzegorz Szumowski, Magdalena Wosik. Grzegorz Szczepaniak, the director of LCK, was voted the group chairperson. The group superior aim is to rise the rank of satire among other …

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By using a very frequent element in Florian Doru Crihana’s work, namely a metaphor, we could call him Don Quixote of satirical painting. Within the area in which we are prepared to face strong expression, his paintings are striking with their pastel tones and gentleness, in some of us they provoke associations with an idyll. …

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Satyrykon 2014

Exhibitions International ExhibitionSATYRYKON – Legnica 2014Copper Museum in Legnica(6 July – 31 August 2014) FLORIAN DORU CRIHANALEGNICA – satirical impressionsRING Gallery in Legnica(9 June – 31 July 2014) SHARP-EYE SKILLSKatowice Fine Arts Academy students’ exhibitionModrzejewska Theatre, Legnica (4 June – 30 August 2014)  GEORGE VAN RAEMDONCK – drawingsSATYRYKON Gallery in Legnica(5 June – 31 July 2014) Catalogues Satyrykon …

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Zygmunt Januszewski i Tomasz Jura. In memoriam (3)

Zygmunt Januszewski, Tomasz Jura. In memoriam

They would have been present in Legnica in their special way anyway. However, don’t the memory tables, designed by Tomasz Broda, reflect our warmest thoughts of Them?Zygmunt Januszewski himself was the author of the previously unveiled plaques, which makes impossible to capture the rush of feelings and reflections over this special situation… ZYGMUNT JANUSZEWSKI (1956-2013)A graphic …

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Beetroot über alles

interview with Jacek Staniszewski Satyrykon: Your posters are often referred to as hard, controversial, scandalous. However, your Satyrykon series, despite including its perverse sense of humour, is rather subtle, poetic and inspiring a lot of various associations. I was just about to ask whether you’d dropped scandals and hard means for more indirect thought provoking …

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SATYRYKON Legnica 2014

13th June 2014 (Friday) International ExhibitionSATYRYKON – Legnica 2014Copper Museum in Legnica SATYRYKON 2014post-competition exhibition opening –ul. NMP in Legnica (near Satyrykon Knave Statue)13th June 2014, 5.00 p.m.(before opening – unveiling of memory tables dedicated toZygmunt Januszewski and Tomasz Jura) FLORIAN DORU CRIHANA LEGNICA – satirical impressionsRING Gallery in Legnicaexhibition opening 13th June, 6.30 p.m. GEORGE VAN RAEMDONCK – drawingsSATYRYKON Gallery …

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International Exhibition SATYRYKON – Legnica 2014

Jacek Staniszewski Satyrykon has been for years one of the most important and prestigious international competitions in its category. It has always stood out with the extent and quality of the selected works. This year it also distinguishes from the previous editions with a spirited, in my opinion, organisers’ decision: a jury comprising only women. …

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