Satyrykon Needles awarded

It’s the second edition of Satyrykon Needles, the idea which broadens Satyrykon Festival scope. They are awarded in the category of Personality by the chapter of six consisting of, apart from the idea creators, various representatives of media, culture and art spheres every year. The nominees in turn, include representatives of different disciplines, the Personalities …

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Kaja Renkas "Plakaty i grafiki"

Kaja Renkas “Posters and graphics”

It is the world created from old photographs, prints, old anatomy and mechanics handbooks, books of fauna and flora. Its interpretation seeking frequency repeats many characteristic motives like insect wings, cages and corsets, plants full of riches and ominous charm… Frankenstein-like constructions prove that anomaly has become the essence of existence and transgression has become …

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Sabina Sokół – This way or other

It’s only for the next few days that you’ll be able to see Sabina’s Sokół’s exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery.We met her at the previous year’s “Sharp-Eye Skills” where she presented her cycle of scenes from Polonia cinema front yard. You can see it at the exhibition and in Satyrykon calendar (in fragments) as well. Exhibition …

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Satyrykon 2014 – the verdict is known

Grand Prix of Satyrykon 2014 has gone to Sergey Sichenko from Israel for his work entitled Facebook – quite a widely known and well-appreciated by the Internet users drawing which has not contested in any other competition so far. It seems simple but contains a lot of meaning. It is very up-to-date as such Facebook is indeed. …

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GRANICA - nowa wystawa w Galerii Satyrykon (3)

Border – Berlin exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery

Yet for the fourth time in succession The International Cartoon Competition Berlin was taking place. This year, having “BORDER” as a subject. As in the previous competitions, the number of the participating artists from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia impressed us a lot. The title “BORDER” gave the impetus for the …

Border – Berlin exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery Przeczytaj całość

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