The Knights Academy


April 2008 saw the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Josephine Royal Knights’ Academy in Legnica – an educational institution intended to highlight the importance of the city and its aspirations. The main edifice, designed by Antonio Martinelli, even in its unfinished state counts as one of the most outstanding baroque structures in Silesia. A contemporary description reads „The entire building is bathed in a male gravitation, whose beauty is in no way diminished by the delicateness of painting and sculpture. The brilliant cleverness all around renders the work a beautiful one in the eyes of the comprehending, and forces one to take note of the majesty of the arch-famous creator”.

Presently the Knights’ Academy is home for several institutions related to the artistic and cultural live of the city. A taste of Satyrykon can be felt here as well. In the north wing, off the courtyard, a memorial plaque by Mirosław Kuźma is present, dedicated to Andrzej Legus. The plaque contains his famous quote, „I took the tower. I declare, I took it.” To Andrzej Legus – friends. Satyrykon 2003”.

The Knigts’ Academy, which has for years hosted SATYRYKON, was in 2008 the subject of the „Long Live the Academy” exhibit. This challegne was undertaken by a group of Polish satirical artists and creators long associated with the Legnica-based event. Their skills in perceiving and uncovering humorous, grotesque and lyrical situations create an outstanding whole. We wish to bring you closer to this satirized monumental structure, with a satirical wink of the eye.


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