Satyrykon 2024 - application for the competition

Welcome to the application page for the Satyrykon 2024 competition! Complete the provided form to send your competition entries. Please see the instructions on how to complete the questionnaire step by step.

A brief instruction how to use the form.
    1. Complete the data.
    2. Add work. In each category, a maximum of 3 works, with a maximum size of 3 MB each.
    3. Describe the works appropriately by entering the titles.
    4. Your work has been registered if you receive an email confirmation.
REMEMBER! One user can only submit one submission form. In case of duplicate notifications – the first notification will be treated as correct

SATYRYKON 2024 competition - Acceptance of applications has been completed

Submission form: Satyrykon 2024

Submitting competition works is tantamount to consenting to the publication of your works and your image taken at Satyrykon - Legnica 2024 by Henryk Karliński Legnica Culture Centre for the purpose of its promotion at and and our social media. Rules of data processing in connection with the consent to the public use of the image
  • Data administrator, Henryk Karliński Legnica Culture Centre, informs that the data will be processed for the purpose of LCK promotion on the basis of free-will agreement
  • You are entitled to access, update, restrict the processing and transferring of your data. The consent may be withdrawn at any moment without the possibility of influencing any prior data processing
  • The data may be made accessible to the parties which are lawfully authorized to that or to the ones which are authorized by the administrator for the purpose of their correct service and necessary range of these activities after arranging and signing agreements referring to data entrustment
  • In contentious matters you hold the right to complain to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, ul.Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa • As far as transfer of data to services owned by international organisations such as Facebook or Google is concerned, the administrator informs that these organisations have entered The UE-US Privacy Shield Framework and have obtained a necessary certification mark
The data will be processed until Legnica Culture Centre finishes its promotional activities • Any issues related to personal data may be explained by Personal Data Protection Inspector, e-mail:
For each sections, one participant may submit a maximum of three works to the DUMMY section and three works to the JOKE AND SATIRE section. Enter the job title and attach a file.

Thank you for submitting!

Your application for the competition has been sent. The final confirmation is an e-mail that you will receive from the organizer within 7 days.If you have not received the message, please contact us by:

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