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Czy wiesz, że posiadamy własną galerię?! Obejrzyj przykładowe prace. Jeśli chcesz zobaczyć więcej, zapraszamy do Legnicy. Znajdziesz nasz przy ulicy Rynek 36

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The protocol of jury session – SATYRYKON 2024

T h e P r o t o c o l of the Jury session of International Exhibition SATYRYKON – Legnica 2024 9th March 2024 Jury represented by: AGIM SULAJ (Italy) – chairman members: JUSTYNA JĘDRYSEK (Poland) ELŻBIETA LASKOWSKA (Poland) GRZEGORZ MYĆKA (Poland) ELŻBIETA PIETRASZKO (Poland) RONALD VANOYSTAEYEN (Belgium) JUGOSLAV VLAHOVIĆ (Serbia) having seen 2783

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Satyrykon 2024 – qualification for 2nd stage of competition

The jury of the Satyrykon 2024 competition, after viewing 2,783 works by 836 authors from 61 countries , decided to qualify the following works for the second stage: 1. Pooya Abdoli (Iran)FakeAdversity2. Hossein Abdollahi Adli (Iran)LimitationLovefish3. Ernő Gábor Adorján (Węgry)Dummy head4. Mehdi Afradi (Iran)Prisoner of DummyPolice Prisoner5. Rostam Afrooz (Iran)Dummy6. Heibat Ahmadi (Iran)End of storyDumb

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Satyrykon and Sketch is Powerfull at the Museum of Caricature

As each year, the Museum of Caricature hosts an international exhibition devoted to satirical drawing. This time, we are combining two competitions organised as part of the Legnica SATYRYKON festival into one exhibition. In addition to the main competition entries, we are also presenting works from the sketchbook competition called SKETCH IS POWERFUL. SATYRYKON is

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We announce the 47th edition of the Satyrykon competition!

Satyrykon has been organized in Legnica since 1977. This is one of the world’s most important competitions for visual artists. Every year, Satyrykon receives thousands of works by artists from all over the world. For many years, the competition proposals can be sent in two thematic sections, in which the following prizes are awarded: gold,

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#IseeIfeelIdraw – exhibition by Museum of Caricature in Warsaw

An exhibition of 10 Polish women artists, known mainly from the internet space, creators of internet memes and cartoon comics, will be presented at Legnica’s Modrzejewska Theatre from 9 June to 30 September as part of the exhibitions accompanying Satyrykon 2023. The original presentation of the exhibition took place in 2022 at the Museum of

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