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Calendar 2020 – SATYRYKON 10th Anniversary

SATYRYKON GALLERY CALLING AT ILLUSTRATION The Satyrykon Gallery is a very important place on the cultural map of Poland, let it be even for the reason that it is one of very few exhibition venues which dedicate both their concern and space to illustration in its widest meaning, and illustrators themselves. Within this group a …

Calendar 2020 – SATYRYKON 10th Anniversary Przeczytaj całość

To won Satyrykon is like being the top scorer in the Spanish football league!

Born in Iranian Tehran in 1979, the artist won the Grand Prix of this year’s edition of Satyrykon – his work „Communists!”. He immediately drew the attention of the jurors, and his political undertones were commented on by both the committee and satire lovers. Seyed Ali Miraee personally picked up this extremely important prize for …

To won Satyrykon is like being the top scorer in the Spanish football league! Przeczytaj całość

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Quarks, elephants & Pierogi: Poland in 100 words

QUARKS, ELEPHANTS & PIEROGI – POLISH PANOPTIKUM BY MAGDA BURDZYŃSKA To portrait Polish culture in just one hundred words seems to be a backbreaking (and no doubts tongue breaking and twisting as well) endeavour. However, Magda Burdzyńska, a 2002 graduate from painting at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, made the impossible …

Quarks, elephants & Pierogi: Poland in 100 words Przeczytaj całość

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Next special prizes awarded

Here are the winners: 1. Mayor of Legnica award of 4,000 PLN – NORBERT SARNECKI (Poland) for the work „Cat” 2. Director of Legnica Culture Centre award of 4,000 PLN for a photography work – JERZY ZBORUCKI (Poland) for the work „The moment of truth – The truth of the moment” 3. SATYRYKON`s Andrzej Tomiałojć Foundation award of 4,000 PLN – STANISŁAW GAJEWSKI (Poland) for the work …

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The protocol of Jury session – SATYRYKON 2019

T h e    P r o t o c o l of the Jury session of International Exhibition SATYRYKON – Legnica 2019 23 February 2019   Jury represented by:EUGENIUSZ SKORWIDER – chairman members:VICTOR BOGORAD (Russia)TOMASZ BRODAJIŘI KOŠTÝŘ (Czech Republic)ROBERT PARŠO (Slovakia)ELŻBIETA PIETRASZKOHENNING WAGENBRETH (Germany)ZBIGNIEW WOŹNIAKhaving seen 1.933 works by 539 authors, who come from 52 countries of the world, the …

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Jury Satyrykonu


j  u  r  y SATYRYKON –  Legnica 2019   chairman:EUGENIUSZ SKORWIDERgraphic artist, lecturer at The University of the Arts Poznań members:VICTOR BOGORAD (RUS)cartoonist, illustrator,  honorary member of Russian Academy of Arts TOMASZ BRODAcartoonist, illustrator, lecturer at Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław ROBERT PARŠO (SK)graphic artist, pedagogue, director of Trnava Poster Triennial JIŘI KOŠTÝŘ (CZ)graphic artist, satirical …

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