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Calendar 2020 – SATYRYKON 10th Anniversary


The Satyrykon Gallery is a very important place on the cultural map of Poland, let it be even for the reason that it is one of very few exhibition venues which dedicate both their concern and space to illustration in its widest meaning, and illustrators themselves. Within this group a particular attention is paid to young artists. Not necessarily to debutants (still there are such ones, for instance Klaudia Kost, Grzegorz Myćka and Beata Filipowicz) as many of the artists have already well-recognised names. Nevertheless, by preparing their solo shows, the Gallery in a way presents them with its quality mark. The shows are held within the following cycles: ‘Encounters with Illustration’, ‘Satyrykon Best Debut’ and ‘HALLO! IT’S ART’, within the latter one, the Gallery hosts also widely acclaimed artists (Maria Ekier, Paweł Pawlak, Tomasz Broda, Magdalena Wosik, Jerzy Głuszek). The exhibitions reach a possibly wide audience – from young people to senior citizens, these who are more and those who are less oriented in the matter, and perhaps to pedestrians attracted to the Gallery thanks to a provoking poster which promotes the event.

Worth accentuating is the great care and accuracy with which the Gallery organises these presentations. Every show is accompanied by a richly illustrated (obviously!) folder with critical texts written by professionals. In many cases the exhibition is a pretext to meet the artist, and workshops run by the invited illustrators are not occasional.

The Gallery’s name obliges, therefore we will come across satire on many occasions, however this satire often tends to be of a rather lyrical kind, emotions and sensual topics, nostalgic moods, still the temperature is most often higher than moderate. The world is observed with a cautious eye, but some issues are addressed at with a winking eye, and a sensitive ear, so a catchy slogan or a memorable phrase may appear in posters or press illustrations which are also shown here from time to time (Katarzyna Bogdańska, Grzegorz Myćka).

The decade of the Gallery existence is a little and a lot at the same time. A lot because the presence of many cultural institutions is not certain at the moment. A little because ten years of activity is not really a dignified jubilee. After all, dignity is not something specially searched for at the Satyrykon Gallery.

Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna

Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (1)
Grzegorz Myćka Moja wolność / My Freedom, 2016
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (2)
Joanna Rusinek ilustracja z książki Rany Julek Agnieszki Frączek / illustration from the book Rany Julek [Gosh, Julek!] by Agnieszka Frączek, 2013
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (3)
Emilia Dziubak Smakosz / Gourmet, 2011
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (4)
Marta Marszałek Jeździec / Rider, 2013
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (5)
Beata Filipowicz Szukam techno żony / Looking for a techno wife, 2017
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (6)
Natalia Piramowicz-Odrowąż Pogawędka / Chat, 2012
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (7)
Magdalena Kozieł-Nowak Narada / Powwow, 2018
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (8)
Marcin Minor Fletnia Pana / Pan Pipes, 2018
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (9)
Katarzyna Bogdańska Siła natury ilustracja z czasopisma „Tufts Fletcher School Magazine” 2019 / Force of Nature from „Tufts Fletcher School Magazine” 2019
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (10)
Ola Woldańska-Płocińska Pierwsze urodziny prosiaczka / Piglet’s First Birthday, 2010
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (11)
Maria Ekier ilustracja z książki Pan B. zdziwił się nieco ….Zbigniewa Naszkowskiego / illustration from the book Mr B was a little surprised… by Zbigniew Naszkowski, 2016
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (12)
Justyna Jędrysek Tolerancja / Tolerance, 2017
Kalendarz Satyrykon 2020 (13)
Jola Richter-Magnuszewska Zasypianka wigilijna do wiersza Andrzeja K. Torbusa, 2012 / Christmas Eve Lullaby to a poem by Andrzej K. Torbus
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