Norbert Sarnecki at SATYRYKON Gallery

“Where does inspiration come from…?”

Delivering a sensible introduction to a book seems to be one of the most interesting literary undertakings. It evaluates the creative value of the author of the book who asked his friend to write a few flattering words about the work he has done. I personally couldn’t find such a person which is why I had to make the introduction all by myself. (…) If you ask whether it befits to praise your own book I say: If someone writes himself, he surely understands his own text better than any other critic.
Jaroslav Hasek “Stories from the pub”

According to this quote I can honestly recommend you the exhibition called “Where does inspiration come from…?” which presents my excellent sculptures.

The title for the exhibition is the most frequently asked question when it comes to these sort of events.
Among artists, the question has become almost anecdotal, as the interlocutor wants in answer to hear just one or two sentences explaining the creative being.
Interestingly, the question’s never been seriously posed in relations among artists, although we should be probably most interested in the issue of where our friend-artist takes his inspiration to create the works which have brought him so much artistic and financial success.
We could only benefit on that, provided the famous friend would share this knowledge without the fear of having his fame stolen…
But, no, we don’t pose such a question as it would be similar to asking somebody why he likes (or doesn’t like) some spice or how long his hour lasts.
It would be far more sensible to ask the audience not the author whether the works they watchare somehow inspiring.
The view of excellent artwork may inspire someone to write a poem, dance or tidy his cellar.
Having the inspiration issue done on my list, I now can follow to explain the key according to which I realize my sculptures. The idea of each of them must make me laugh at first, it’s only then that I start technical and formal analysis of the new work. The further “dirty” part of work is surely big and described by many artists as extremely hard, strength and health consuming. But if I really enjoy the sculpture, it’s easier to manage the difficulties of creating it and helps to overcome the trauma of physical effort.
Writing the text for the exhibition catalogue seems equally hard work, so to deal with it with a bit of self-agreement I’ll add some funny text which will quickly make me forget the hardship of forming thoughts in so distant for me medium:


After struggles
With your own belief
Let the one who breaks through
Not count on someone
To put it together

Karol Sieczyński Wilanów 1909

dr Norbert Sarnecki

But if some of you still need support in settling the views on my sculptures, I enclose the extract from my doctoral thesis review by professor Sławoj Ostrowski.
(…) With his earlier works Norbert Sarnecki has joined the stream of journalistic sculpture. They are the outcome of thorough observation of human behaviour, relations, snobberies, complexes and weaknesses. It’s always served in a natural form, with details subordinated to finely composed realistic sculpture. One needs to be brave but also have some self-confidence in one’s own value to realize such works in times of diminishing the value of this kind of sculpting form in contemporary artistic community. Majority of these works contain not only formal but also deeper message in the form of metaphor, allegory which is always supported by well managed sculpting matter. You can see the touch of fine sculptor, which in spite of the artist’s young age is backed by many awards and active involvement in artistic life. Norbert Sarnecki is a talented artist of open, analytical mind who can form his independent views on the phenomena in art and surrounding reality.

It’s sheer truth, thank you very much Professor.

Norbert Sarnecki “Where does inspiration come from…?” 

SATYRYKON Gallery in Legnica
(9 September – 10 October 2014)
exhibition opening 12th June 2014, 5.30 p.m.

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