Passed away in 2014

Janusz Stanny (1932-2014)

Even if he had never come to Legnica, his influence on Satyrykon would have been great anyway. Since its beginning he had become the inspiration, authority and someone to look up to for many competition participants. The thought of organizing his individual exhibition seemed natural (1995). He chaired the jury works twice (1996, 1998) as well as he took part in the competition himself. That is how, following others (Grand Prix went to the youngest generation representative, Przemysław Dunaj, and Gold Medal was awarded to Florian Doru Crihana then), he became our silver medal winner.

Sławomir Burzyński (1954-2014)

Ivan Haramija – Hans (1946-2014)

Looking from the Satyrykon viewpoint he never trusted doctors. He never trusted papers and authorities either. He doubted Providence and other people’s goodwill. It is that overwhelming scepticism that might have gained him – as soon as he appeared at Satyrykon – respect and award (1986). Or it might have been his drawings which made gloomy reality look rather brighter and funnier. And that counts…

Małgorzata Tabaka (zm. 13 września 2014 r.)

In times when people spoke of deep masculinization of satiric society, the exhibitions of works by Małgorzata Młodnicka, Jadwiga Okrassa and Małgorzata Tabaka (Satyrykon 1996) went as a contradiction. Małgorzata Tabaka’s drawings had already accompanied Satyrykon for a few years by then and it was a real pleasure to observe the following stages of the visual-intellectual game she was involving us into. Many could not resist it – as it turned out a few years later – to mention the drawing loving Brazilians. Every consecutive year made us look forward to the next portion rather than look behind. It is today that we can even more appreciate that so characteristic and so delicate story with frequent music background.

Szymon Bojko (1917-2014)

In his long and full of colour life he happened to visit Satyrykon as well (2006). Extraordinary charming and so important guest. Viewing the post-competition exhibition he was absolutely taken in by Małgorzata Lazerek’s “Humor zeszytów szkolnych” (School notebooks humour) and though so constantly busy in professional life and against some health problems he agreed to write the introduction to the publication which accompanied her individual exhibition the following year. But most of all he became frequently recalled friend giving on each occasion (unfortunately, due to distance, those occasions were mainly e-mail and over the phone ones) the evidence of his indefatigable energy and humour.
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