FECO Poland

FECO Poland

On 13th June 2014 a group FECO Poland was set up. The group consists of Tomasz Broda, Agata Dudek, Stanisław Gajewski, Jerzy Głuszek, Sebastian Kubica, Małgorzata Lazarek, Grzegorz Szumowski, Magdalena Wosik. Grzegorz Szczepaniak, the director of LCK, was voted the group chairperson.

The group superior aim is to rise the rank of satire among other plastic arts, which is why the group is going to run efforts in order to change unfair and untrue opinions about satire in artistic, opinion-forming, academic and other spheres. Another important goal is to promote Polish satire worldwide.

FECO Poland is going to realise its goals through:

  • inspiring satire creators and encouraging them to participate in theme exhibitions related to most important and difficult social issues; the group is going to endeavour for the prestigious exhibition places for their presentations and is going to invite authority persons to co-operate with them in the role of these exhibitions curators
  • educational activity addressed mainly to children, supported with exhibition and publishing activity.
  • publishing activity to which the group is going to invite authorities of journalist, Fine Art Academies and art critique communities as a consulting body in forming publishing series addressed to different age groups
  • inspiring satirical artists to creative attitude and activity through annual exhibitions of their artistic accomplishment

FECO Poland is going to unite satiric art creators community which, in the group members’ eyes, is totally defragmented. The group, at different levels of their activity, is going to be involved in solving crucial for satirical artists problems. That is why so much attention was given to the situation in the Museum of Caricature which, in the group members’ opinion, has recently lost its prestige and rank as well as it’s stopped to play the leading role in Polish satire.

Besides, it was stated that FECO Poland is going to try to obtain legal subjectivity through setting up an association. It was also agreed that the group member meetings are going to be organized at the annual events related to Satyrykon.

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