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The protocol of Jury session – SATYRYKON 2019

T h e    P r o t o c o l of the Jury session of International Exhibition SATYRYKON – Legnica 2019 23 February 2019   Jury represented by:EUGENIUSZ SKORWIDER – chairman members:VICTOR BOGORAD (Russia)TOMASZ BRODAJIŘI KOŠTÝŘ (Czech Republic)ROBERT PARŠO (Slovakia)ELŻBIETA PIETRASZKOHENNING WAGENBRETH (Germany)ZBIGNIEW WOŹNIAKhaving seen 1.933 works by 539 authors, who come from 52 countries of the world, the

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Jury Satyrykonu


j  u  r  y SATYRYKON –  Legnica 2019   chairman:EUGENIUSZ SKORWIDERgraphic artist, lecturer at The University of the Arts Poznań members:VICTOR BOGORAD (RUS)cartoonist, illustrator,  honorary member of Russian Academy of Arts TOMASZ BRODAcartoonist, illustrator, lecturer at Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław ROBERT PARŠO (SK)graphic artist, pedagogue, director of Trnava Poster Triennial JIŘI KOŠTÝŘ (CZ)graphic artist, satirical

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Evil won, but in the name of good – Satyrykon 2019

Cartoon „Communists” by Iranian artist Seyed Ali Miraee defeated almost 2,000 works from around the world and received the Grand Prix from the International Jury Satyrykon 2019. The winning work presents two tragic consequences for the world of dictators: Joseph Stalin and the Korean leader Kim Jong Una. On a satirical drawing, the faces of both figures are

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Kalendarz Satyrykonu 2019

Satyrykon 2018 calendar – history of literature for webholics

Welcome to the celebrated promotion event.Satyrykon Gallery in Legnica, Rynek 36, 7 December at 6 p.m. This year, Satyrykon’s calendar was designed by Tomasz Broda. He created the calendar by the name of „Proust de la crème, or history of literature for webholics” Tomasz Broda is draughtsman, illustrator, pedagogue, creator of puppets and masks made of every-day

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Satyrykon 2018 at Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw (1)

Satyrykon 2018 at Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw

International Exhibition Satyrykon – Legnica 2018 The turn of 2018 and 2019 at the Museum of Caricature will pass under the sign Satyrykon.Satyrykon is one of the most important satirical drawing competitions in the world. Every year, both young and old artists, professionals and amateurs from different parts of the world take part in it. This

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Satyrykon Legnica 2019

Ladies and Gentelmans…. We begin the 42nd edition of Satyrykon! Regulations – prepared. Application cards – prepared. The unfortunate General Data Protection Regulation, which all we have to face this year – also prepared.And theme… Yes, theme is ready too.We accept works until February 2, 2019  in the following categories: I – Theme: STOP II – SATIRE

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Works qualified for the exhibition.

MOHAMMOD HOSSEIN AKBARI (IR) – Kings *N, Judge. Unfair justice ASKIN ARANCIOGLU (TR) – XXX DORU AXINTE  (RO) – Common feeling **, Super empathy AHMET AYKANAT (TR) – Chamaeleon BARTŁOMIEJ BIELNIAK (PL) – XXX ANGEL BOLIGAN CORBO (MEX) – Rivarly and friendship *N, Reconciliation MARINA BONDARENKO (RUS) – A Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, A boy and a cross TOMASZ BRODA (PL) – Polish camp ** SEYAN CAFERLI (AZ) – XXX  *N, XXX *N WEIDONG

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