4 lata Galerii Satyrykon (2)

4 years of Satyrykon Gallery

Are only the even anniversaries  worth mentioning? Four years is quite a lot, isn’t it? It’s been for exactly four years that Satyrykon, after 33 years of its existence, has had his own gallery.

On 10th December 2010 Satyrykon Gallery started its activity with Marcin Bondarowicz’s exhibition and the promotion of Tomasz Broda’s “Literaturity show” calendar. Since then the annual promotion of the calendar has become the tradition and we have organised here well over 20 exhibitions.

Constant dripping wears the stone… and our water drops are: Marcin Bondarowicz, Tomasz Broda, Florian Doru Crihana, Oleg Dergaczow, Stanisław Gajewski, Sławomir Gruca, Klaudia Kost, Małgorzata Lazarek, Magdalena Nowak, Maciej Olender, Leszek Ołdak, Grzegorz Pietkiewicz, Hanna Pyrzyńska-Piłat, Marek Rybicki, Norbert Sarnecki, Sabina Sokół, Natalia Stachura, Grzegorz Szumowski, Maciej Trzepałka, Bartłomiej Trzos, Madgalena Wosik, Michaił Zlatkowsky, Zenon Żyburtowicz, not to mention such participants of other friendly competitions, outstanding animated film and comic creators as George van Raemdonck or  Jeanie Cocteau. The young and old, painters, drawers, and photographers, comic creators and sculptors. Is it enough to regard Satyrykon Gallery as the town centrepiece, Mecca for the artists, as it was euphorically wished back then in 2010? Every year in June some absolutely fantastic days happen here.

Although winter 2010 was snowy and freezing, we could count on our friends who came to the opening event. And we believe it’s going to be the same this year in two days (Friday 12th December).
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