Satyrykon’s 2015 calendar promotion

Looking from Legnica point of view 2014 was Crihana’s year. Well, it’s not every day that the town happens to be summarised this way and it’s always worth talking about. It would be very nice once such promotion swing could repeat with other satyrykon actions…

Some of impressions related to “Legnica. Satirical impressions” exhibition can be taken into 2015 with the help of two calendars – the Satyrykon’s one and the Town Council’s one. Interestingly, the publishers, strictly cooperating with each other, have decided to use two completely different schemes of choice in order to avoid any repetitions in paintings presentation. Selection is always a means of interpretation, so the curious ones will probably not be bored with yet another return to the topic…

Promotion of Satyrykon’s calendar will take place at the varnishing day event of “Legnica. Satirical impressions” exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery on 12th December.
It starts at 6.30 pm, the entrance’s free. You’re welcome!

Promocja kalendarza Satyrykonu 2015
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