Kalendarz i wernisaż czyli... (2)

Calendar and varnishing day, so…

… it’s good to be Legnica citizen

Such moments are worth remembering. Cross-generation crowd in Satyrykon Gallery. And well-known in Legnica faces in the crowd – civil servants, teachers, frequent visitors and the ones who have just come here for the first time. Plenty of photos fill local press services at once.

The author, although not present in person, has sent a letter (read out by Mr Szczepaniak, LCK Director – warm words of friendship and appreciation of promotional skills performed by all Legnica forces involved in the event and calendar).

Result? It’s the most beautiful calendar in the world – writes Robert Szecówka from Hamburg, though he can be a little biased… The idea would sell well not only in one town but even in the whole country – overheard in the crowd words are certainly worth consideration… We are happy to live here – concludes Ela Pietraszko, Satyrykon Chief, ad hoc asked for comment.

Just a few true sentences coming from the heart – each more to the point than previous one – and applause grows bigger and bigger. Has anybody recorded that? Pity if not really. For the record, let us remind the starting lines which went: Do I have any connection with Crihana?

Ideal reality – artistic, social or marketing success? It’s so easy to sink into self-content, but Florian Crihana won’t let us do it. The beauty of his Legnica vision raises pride and sooths the soul, though never allows to forget how much and how little at the same time this picture has in common with reality.

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