W Galerii Satyrykon - Katarzyna Domżalska

The new exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery. Katarzyna Domżalska

She’s disobedient and full of contradictions. She can illustrate anything that comes into her hand and that’s just one of her many skills. As much as with illustration she occupies herself with the animation (you can easily find the films she makes with Radomił Folcik on Youtube). Her posters, covers, press illustrations and works she does for pleasure often take the form of a collage. They’re frequently ornamented with some bits of illegible doodles and full of repetitive elements forming a kind of author’s private mythology which makes the viewers intrigued and for those incidental ones will partly stay a mystery. Some works, a bit cleared of the personal associations (see “I’m from Poland”) often stay with us forever. The power of all these illustrations is hidden in the fact that the issues mentioned in them almost always gain some sort of “human face”, sometimes they seem to have (yet it’s another private secret) the kin’s or friend’s face…

She clearly likes the absurd, sometimes is frivolous and has a little black, literary washed with blood and red paint, sense of humour straight from the horror movies.

Katarzyna Domżalska’s “Your kin would look nice only in the photo” exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery – as soon as since September 6th. Apart from the cycle specially created for this exhibition, it also contains the press illustrations from over the last few years. As she’s the graduate of the Wrocław Academy of Art and Design (among many others she used to be Tomasz Broda’s student), we firstly came across this young artist’s works during the Wrocław edition of Sharp-Eye Skills (2013) and since then we’ve kept seeing her new works quite regularly at Satyrykon exhibitions.

Katarzyna Domżalska “Your kin would look nice only in the photo”
Satyrykon Gallery in Legnica
6 September – 29 October 2016
exhibition opening 5.00 p.m., 9th September 2016

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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