Skłonności w Muzeum Karykatury

Skills in Museum of Caricature

“Unconventionality, charisma and uncompromising attitude characterise this exhibition in the best way. I’m sure the ones who see it, won’t forget the emotions it brought in them for a very long time”, says Elżbieta Laskowska, the acting director of Museum of Caricature. “The thing which may attract the viewers’ attention is the unusual freedom of interpretation and unconventional way of thinking presented by the young artists who frequently show difficult and complex issues in exceptionally diverse way”, she adds.

This statement, encouraging to see “Sharp-eye skills” by Poznań Academy of Art students presented at Museum of Caricature in Warsaw, matches well the impressions of viewers of “Poznań skills” during the last year’s Satyrykon in Legnica. Judging by splendid introductions at the website, Skills seem to enter Kozia Street quite inconvenient and terribly contagious and even… sharper. They are supported by professors’ and assistants’ works including the one which accompanies the Warsaw edition, specially drawn for this occasion, poster by Eugeniusz Skorwider. You’ve seen it or you haven’t – it doesn’t matter as you just want to see it again! The varnishing-day as soon as Monday (23rd May, 2016).

By the way, what has Łódź got for us this year? What ace (as aces are necessary nowadays) has it got up its sleeve?

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