Sabina Sokół – This way or other

It’s only for the next few days that you’ll be able to see Sabina’s Sokół’s exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery.
We met her at the previous year’s “Sharp-Eye Skills” where she presented her cycle of scenes from Polonia cinema front yard. You can see it at the exhibition and in Satyrykon calendar (in fragments) as well. Exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery seems natural step as the place “has also been developed to help young artist to set their first steps on the way of their artistic career” – as resembled Marcin Andrzejewski.

This way or other – exhibition folder

The varnishing-day gatherer quite many of artist’ family and friends. We know some from “Sharp-Eye Skills”, others form their individual exhibitions at Satyrykon (eg. Marek Rybicki). Marek Broda, the artist’s educator, addressed some warm-hearted words towards her, as he also did in his catalogue text.

The exhibition itself, let this reflect Sabina’s development intensity, once neatly organised it changed completely, thus revealing one most characteristic feature. As Tomasz Broda points it, this characteristic element is a guidance through the cities of Wrocław and Berlin, accompanied by some student exercises full of word games, dealing with images, discovering their unexpected meanings.

Culture Centre of Legnica, Satyrykon Gallery
Legnica, Rynek 36
25.02.- 4.04.2014

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