From Roobence to Pikaso – art history according to Tomasz Broda

It seems useless to talk about Tomasz Broda’s Exhibition “From Roobence to Pikaso”, presented in Museum of Contemporary Art in Wrocław for the first time and one of the most important artistic events of the recent years, as so much has already been said about it… However, going to see it at Ring Gallery in Legnica is an absolute must (as it’s on only until 10th July!). The very “personal” art history travelling around Lower Silesia region (lastly seen in Zielona Góra) has induced quite a reaction in all social and age groups. The youngest ones felt inspired to choose the masterpieces or portraits themselves They had the chance to do it at workshops which were run by the artist himself although quite independently from him. The older ones feel more provoked to discuss and pose some crucial questions. The parents and pedagogues, usually a bit fatigued with constant need of educating their little ones, felt the spontaneous inclination for analogical creative plays. The columnists didn’t miss to observe the exhibition’s sharp and very up-to-date character. It’s clearly corresponding to some famous and quite disappointing exhibitions of the “from… to…” type recently presented in Poland. Now, as the emotions cooled a bit down, you can feel the impact of the multi-meaning of its artistic dimension and its performance gesture as well as the collection of masterpieces (should we put it in the inverted comas or not?) being its result.

Tomasz Broda to be met in person as soon as tomorrow (Monday, 20th June) in one of the “Meetings with illustration” sessions at Satyrykon Gallery. Everyone’s invited at 11.oo a.m.

Tomasz Broda folder PDF

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