Kilka drobiazgów 2016

A few details 2016

How inspiring has this year Agata Dudek’s poster turned out.

“Double bottom” in the fight against the evil has shown its supernatural powers.

The winner of the competition for the best slogan to be carried away on satyrykon bags has shown his face:

Kilka drobiazgów 2016 (9)
Piotr Biliński. The slogan: Poor jokes are a waste of life.

The medal has spectacularly changed its gender for the first time.

Kilka drobiazgów 2016 (6)
Design and execution: Paweł Erazmus

Janusz Kapusta has signified the depth of jury verdict and the awarded works with an appropriate diploma.

Tomasz Wiater, although he claims to have been fighting with stupidity for over 20 years now, has been awarded such prizes for that activity for the first time.

Kilka drobiazgów 2016 (7)
Tomasz Wiater, dyplom autorstwa Katarzyny Księżopolskiej
Every single one under the Filip Statue envies Andrzej Czeczot his softy cushion.
Kilka drobiazgów 2016
Design: Tomasz Broda, execution: Tomasz Ross

Etc. etc. / and so on, and so on

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