Fellowship of the kings and princes of Poland in Satyrykon Gallery

Katarzyna Bogucka is well recognised individual in the world of illustration. Her run of good luck lasts as she keeps being mentioned in prestigious international publications, being awarded different prizes and most of all she’s enjoying the interest and liking of the readers manifested in many different forms.

Katarzyna Bogucka w Galerii Satyrykon
Aleksander Fredro „The monkey in the bath” illus. Katarzyna Bogucka

Thanks to her, the most significant characters of Polish children literature – Stefek BurczymuchaThe monkey in the bath or Paweł and Gaweł have gained their modern, though still  linked to traditionally remembered from childhood, faces. Thus they became a convenient generation bridge. Due to her original idea “Lala Lolka” sensitive little boys can feel safe and appreciated. She is also the one who, using her witty poster cycle “Rady nie od parady”, spoke up for the not so lost in grey socialist times femininity of our moms and grannies, emphasising in those typical colour matching not poverty but real elegance. Possible, as luxurious vamp, more like from Tadeusz Gronowski rather than from Tamara Łempicka, cannot be destroyed in woman in any circumstances.

Katarzyna Bogucka w Galerii Satyrykon (2)
Katarzyna Bogucka „Rady nie od parady”, Katarzyna Świeżak i Katarzyna Bogucka „M.O.D.A”

Together with Katarzyna Świeżak, she lead us through the history of fashion (M.O.D.A.) in such a way that not only little girls but adult women feel tempted to flick through and read it, even the ones not interested in fashion. And now, with her recently prepared book, she leads in Satyrykon Gallery through the Polish history. Details soon.

Katarzyna Bogucka w Galerii Satyrykon (3)
Katarzyna Bogucka „The Kings”

Katarzyna Bogucka “The Kings”
SATYRYKON Gallery in Legnica
(24 February – 14 April 2015)

Varnishing day on 27th March 2015

Katarzyna Bogucka (born 1985) – an illustrator, author and designer of books for children and their parents. She graduated in 2009 with dissertation in painting. She deals with book, press and advertising illustration, draws patterns applied in usable design: clothes, wallpapers or room decoration. Together with her partner, she runs Nioska design studio. Participant of many home and international exhibitions (Berlin, Havana, Bologna). In 2013 she received Special Award at Nami Island International Picture Book and Illustration Concours in Seoul.

Katarzyna Bogucka has worked out her unique style referring to retro convention, transforming decoration motifs of the 50s and 60s. One of the four young Polish artists mentioned in the latest “Illustration Now!” issue by Taschen. The winner of Satyrykon 2015 Gold Medal.

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