Zbigniew Ziomecki (1930-2015) (4)

Zbigniew Ziomecki (1930-2015)

For Satyrykon fans He’ll stay a great author of one of the most important, Grand Prix winning cartoons. Year 1994 and “Stained-glass windows”. And it was the crowning for the long lasting acquaintance.

Zbigniew Ziomecki (1930-2015) (1)
Satyrykon 1994, Grand Prix, Satyrykon 1979, distinction award, Satyrykon 1978

Zbigniew Ziomecki, one of the key people from “Szpilki” (satirical magazine) and current to his time world-class co-operator of foreign magazines, made an honour of sending his works for Satyrykon almost from its beginnings (1978). You can trace him in the festival bulletin and in 1985 he had his individual exhibition as well. “His cartoons are funny and very funny. You don’t need to talk about them as they speak for themselves. Current and comprehensive, they are universal at the same time and show their second if not even third bottom.”, as quoted after Ewa Barciszewska.

Zbigniew Ziomecki (1930-2015) (2)
Satyrykon 1994, Satyrykon 1988

Although almost everything has changed since then, many of Satyrykon’s ‘discoveries’ and ‘stars’ have taken exclusively historical value, the best Ziomecki’s cartoons have not grown old at all. Their detailed and old-fashioned quality, resembling rather book illustration than press belonging sketch, emphasise their lasting contemporaneity.

Zbigniew Ziomecki (1930-2015) (3)
Satyrykon 1995, Satyrykon’s magazine 1983

With the pass of years he used to be humorously called old-boy, and then the senior of Polish satire but stayed active all that time. You can find an old photo at Museum of Caricature website: noble figures of Polish satire (Zbigniew Ziomecki among them) in front of that noble institution. How much of this will stay until today? Only the memories?

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