There are four cartoons by Witold Mysyrowicz at this year’s post-competition exhibition – quite a usual thing, and as usual (almost every year) they’ve been appreciated with a nomination. Furiously pink Palace of Culture used as a pole in an enthusiastic pole jump (into the joyful future?) can’t be forgotten, even after seeing 142 other works. Is it enough to honour, after some years, the artist who’s been taking part in Satyrykon almost since its beginning, a number of awarded works record holder (12, twice awarded one year – 2006) with his individual exhibition?

Last year he celebrated his 40th creative work anniversary which was a good reason for making any sort of summaries. One of them is a well-reflecting the differentiation in his artistic interests exhibition STRAIGHT INTO THE EYES which contains caricature portraits, satirical cartoons, especially the press ones which for the best years have been building the graphic face of NIE magazine and last but not least – the posters. The artist himself, Henryk Tomaszewski’s apprentice, has emphasised many times that it was the poster which had been his first artistic interest. It is the origin of all his satirical creation, and we could even add – it’s something which will outlive all these anniversaries. Reflective short-cut, strong, clear colours, strength and pungency of both, plastic means and apt slogan as well plus a surprising, clear and often unequivocal punchline are all determinants of style to which we got accustomed by Mysyrowicz in his works. Apart from that, we can find in his works some topicality, intelligently malicious observation of specific political events and their participants. But observation of general mechanism of politics and authority is also treated as the most important topic. That’s why for some watching Mysyrowicz’s exhibition may be a bit bitter reminding, but for many of us it may be one of the best lessons of our modern Polish history.

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