To memory of Ha-Ga

Every year Satyrykon’s hall of fame at Philip’s feet is growing bigger. Anna Gocławska-Lipińska known as Ha-Ga will have her memory table unveiled in the year of 100th anniversary of birth and 40th anniversary of death.

Pamiętajmy o Ha - Dze
Illustrations in “Attention! Ha-Ga!” catalogue. Museum of Caricature in Warsaw, 2008.

She couldn’t take part in Satyrykon herself as she had passed away three years before it was created. However, her relations with Satyrykon could be described as a sort of ‘family link’. Her table will be placed next to her husband’s, Eryk Lipiński’s, one of the most important Satyrykon patrons and supporters. Their daughter, who is going to unveil the table, needs no introduction to Legnica. A Juror, repeated guest and close Satyrykon’s friend, an indefatigable promotor of her parents’ creation. The results of her efforts could well be noticed at previous interesting Satyrykon’s exhibitions. Nowadays, at time of controversy over the independence of created by Eryk Lipiński Museum of Caricature in Warsaw, her efforts gain some special meaning.

However, what is more important, a little bit forgotten Ha-Ga, Jeremi Przybora’s peer, was one of the most outstanding female satirical cartoonist in post-war Poland. Her influence can be compared to the one of, also honoured with a memory table at Philip’s feet, Starszych Panów (Elderly Gentlemen Cabaret). Ha-Ga’s cartoons were the companion for quite many generations, starting with “Świerszczyk” (children magazine) and first children lectures, for example, Brzechwa’s poems, going through the students’ discoveries in “Szpilki” (satirical magazine) until mature pleasure of tasting the book-collections of  Stefania Grodzieńska’s columns. She worked for “Szpilki” regularly for 40 years, since 1936 when her first cartoon was published. Her style’s well recognised, characterised by always fashionably dressed, big-eyed figures. She was a master in mocking at any kind of snobbism.

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