Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (4)

Those wonderful Bulgarians!

(a propos the exhibition in The Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw)

Since 1985 they have been present at every satyrykon exhibition. In the middle of the 80-ies they were the real power – for example, 25 Bulgarian drawers qualified for the exhibition in 1986. Ałła and Chawdar Georgievy, Valentin Georgiev, Rumen Dragostinov, Ivailo Tsetkov (and many others) need no introduction in Legnica as they are the authors of most satyrykon connected works ever and they used to be frequent winners of its awards. The thought of group exhibition just seemed to be natural (the one related to The House of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo took place in 2010). That is why we’ve been eagerly waiting for this exhibition.

The Museum of Caricature on Bulgarian Caricature exhibition

Satyrykon Gallery collection contains the works of almost 90 great Bulgarian artists (some of them in quite a long time scope). Let’s take the chance to remind just little part of it for the time being.

Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy!
Valeri Alexandrov Satyrykon 2012
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (2)
Stefan Despodov Satyrykon 2005
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (3)
Rumen Dragostinov Satyrykon 2009 (brązowy medal)
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (4)
Valentin Georgiev Satyrykon 2008 (Grand Prix)
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (5)
Alla and Chavdar Georgiev Satyrykon 1986 (SZPILKI magazine editorial team award)
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (6)
Chavdar Kristev Satyrykon 1986
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (7)
Tchavdar Nikolov Satyrykon 2000
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (8)
Ivailo Ninov Satyrykon 1986
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (9)
Tsocho Peev Satyrykon 1993
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (10)
Trayko Popov Satyrykon 2012
Ci wspaniali Bułgarzy! (11)
Ivailo Tsvetkov Satyrykon 2009 (distinction award)
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