Satyrykon w Pitrze

Satyrykon in Saint Petersburg

Just a glimpse at the cartoons in gallery proves that Russians don’t have too much respect for their national art – ballet. A multiplied noble convention inspires them to laughter rather than poetry. Bogorad, Shilov and even Popov. The list is endless…

Satyrykon w Pitrze (5)
Aleksandr Sergeev, Sajad Raffei

Other nations are also good at finding some practical use for the leg stretched in “jeté” or tutu clothing. However, they also tend to look for more beauty and poetic metaphor. It’s just enough to recall Paweł Kuczyński’s work which won SPAK 2010 competition devoted to opera and ballet. Or you may have a glance at Andrea Campaner’s cartoon – enjoying its wit.

Satyrykon w Pitrze (3)
Stanisław Gajewski, Andrea Campaner

Cartoonists often exploit stereotypes, but quite characteristically, the image they paint with them doesn’t have to be that much stereotypical. Stanisław Gajewski’s and Magdalena Wosik’s works are immodest examples here (as they are both Polish). By the way, let’s notice how much the ballet leg washed out of sex context differs from the “Cabaret” leg. Any changes in that matter seem to be revolutionary. Vide Bogna Otto-Węgrzyn.

Satyrykon w Pitrze (4)
Jerzy Głuszek, Bogna Otto-Węgrzyn

It’s also clear who’s rather ballet prone. Magda Wosik? No wonder – she danced so beautifully at Grodziec Castle. Florian Doru Crihana took some interest in it (as in everything) some time ago. After that episode of his, we’ve been left with pleasant cycles. Having a wider look – theatre metaphor looks most important to Jerzy Głuszek.

Satyrykon w Pitrze (2)
Magdalena Wosik

All the mentioned above has already been being presented for some time at Raikin’s Theatre in Saint Petersburg. And there’s more of it as the topic of the exhibition is “Ballet, theatre and cabaret”. The source – Satyrykon archives. So, we’ll surely come back to it later on.

Satyrykon w Pitrze
Just to broaden the context: 1.Paweł Kuczyński “Swan Lake”, source:, 2.Andrei Popov, source:

The exhibition officially opens on 1st July 2016

The exhibition financially supported from designated subsidy

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