Satyrykon 2015

Satyrykon 2015

Have your works arrived here yet?

A rhetorical question, of course. We know exactly who has already sent in their works and who’s got stuck at the stage of considering it. Let’s remind – February 7th (date of the postmark) is the deadline  for accepting the works and the clock is ticking.

The Jury meeting has been planned for February 20th – 22nd.

Drawings, graphic works, plastic or photographic works in any technique. The maximum acceptable format – A3.

We do hope the topic – ENTHUSIASM – will generate a lot of traffic (some proves have already appeared),  though it can be just JOKE or SATIRE.

Could you please be diligent in filling the forms, it makes our work easier. Special thanks to the pedants. After all, negligence will somehow do, as it’s your works which matter the most!

(details: Competition/Regulations/Download)

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