"Bajki zwierzęce" Marty Marszałek cd. (2)

Marta Marszałek’s “Animal Tales”

The new exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery is the continuation of the presentation of Polish young artists. After Monika Hanulak and Katarzyna Bogucka it has come time to show another, different face of Polish newest illustration. Marta Marszałek (born 1987) is a graduate of Graphics Faculty at Gdańsk Fine Arts Academy. Shortly after graduation on 2012 she has started her works as a lecturer at the New Art Media Faculty of Polsko-Japońska Akademia Technik Komputerowych in Gdańsk and at extramural studies run at Basics of Graphics Workshop at Gdańsk Fine Art Academy. She deals with graphic design. She mostly creates painted illustrations the main motif of which is a magical world of animals and all that rattles and hums in grass and forest brushwood. Her illustrations for “Legendy wawelskie” (The Wawel Legends) have been presented at post-competition exhibition at Wawel Royal Castle. She has awarded with the third prize of the 5th European Poster Biennale “Mare Nostrum”, a distinction award in the competition for “Chopin art” ballet poster and in 2012 received Satyrykon Fundation award.

Satyrykon Gallery Exhibition is Marta Marszałek’s first individual exhibition. A part of it is formed of the illustrations for just one poem – “Opowiedział dzięcioł sowie” („The Woodpecker told the owl”) by Jan Brzechwa. This Polish children literature classic was already “processed” in the past by Polish illustration classic artists: Marcin Szancer and Ha-Ga (Anna Gosławska-Lipińska) – firstly with her husband, Eryk Lipiński, and then again on her own. However, Marta Marszałek seems to be closer to other masters of so called Polish school also known as the “illustration painters” such as Janusz Stanny and especially Józef Wilkoń. An interesting fact is that these paintings, being very highly assessed author’s degree work, compose a kind of panorama and form a construction which reminds old-fashioned optical toy. This proves, as the artist admits herself, that she’s interested not only in pure painting but also in different ways of combining it with practical art.

Marta Marszałek’s “Animal Tales" (5)
Jan Marcin Szancer
Marta Marszałek’s “Animal Tales" (3)
Jan Marcin Szancer
Marta Marszałek’s “Animal Tales" (2)
Anna Gocławska-Lipińska (Ha-Ga)
Marta Marszałek’s “Animal Tales"
Marta Marszałek

The whole exhibition, consisting of the newest, purposely prepared for it works and portraits prepared for “enchanted hunters” music album cover and many others, apart from consistency also reveals diversity of ideas and inspirations – starting from mannerism originated portraits through the Flemish paintings and ending on contemporary poster. Although the exhibition’s filled with humour, symbols and relations which can be understood by adults, it also makes an excellent introduction to the world of nature, first books and painting for the young ones.

One of Marta Marszałek’s works, meaningfully entitled “Hunter”, can also be seen at this year’s post-competition exhibition.

"Bajki zwierzęce" Marty Marszałek cd. (1)
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