Kaja Renkas "Plakaty i grafiki"

Kaja Renkas “Posters and graphics”

It is the world created from old photographs, prints, old anatomy and mechanics handbooks, books of fauna and flora. Its interpretation seeking frequency repeats many characteristic motives like insect wings, cages and corsets, plants full of riches and ominous charm… Frankenstein-like constructions prove that anomaly has become the essence of existence and transgression has become the basic method of imagination.

Kaja Renkas is the author of Satyrykon 2013 poster, this year’s poster of Legnica Cantat – choir competition and the juror of this year’s Satyrykon. The exhibition shows fragments of her cycle entitled “Circus” (the history of circus was artist’s dissertation paper topic); tracks of her friendship and artistic comprehension with Ryszard Kaja; works completed for the most important Polish (and foreign) poster galleries… some further displays of her unusually consistent, despite all external circumstances implemented into it – orders, meetings, lectures, travels – world.

Kaja Renkas “Posters and graphics”
Legnica Culture Centre, Knights’ Academy in Legnica main hall (ul.Bilsego entrance)
9 May 2014 – 31 May 2014
The exhibition varnishing day – 24 May 2014, 6.00 p.m.

Kaja Renkas – A graduate of Artistic Graphics at Fine Arts Academy in Katowice. She received her degree with distinction at professor Waldemar Węgrzyn’s studio in 2004. She has been teaching in the Institute of Art at Artistic Faculty of Silesian University in Cieszyn since 2011. In 2010 she obtained her master degree there. She has run workshops of graphics design and posters at North Wales School of Art & Design, Wrexam, Wales; Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA among others. She participates in all main world poster events in Warsaw, Bolivia, Teheran, Lahti, Toyama, Moscow and many others.

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