wszystko to żArt (3)

It’s all a joke/ART

High hills, fishnet stockings, a bit plump legs folded in a dancing pas – it is in such a provocative way that Magda Wosik encourages us to visit her exhibition called Wszystko to żART (It’s all a joke/ART), or 33 times lucky at the Museum of Caricature. And it is absolutely obvious that in this artist’s case the wittily exposed woman’s charm is inseparably bound with pencil point as sharp as needle. This is the tool she pierces and nails with. And it’s been like that for many years although she probably hasn’t admitted so openly to that in any of the posters she has prepared for her own exhibitions so far.

The viewers of this exhibition might frequently come to wonder if this cabaret lightness is either god given or rather the result of hard work similar to that of ballet dancer. And, what’s more – it’s never over. Let’s just state the exhibition primarily planned mainly as Satyrykon Gallery retrospective hosts lots of remade works in alternative versions and quite a lot of completely new ones as well. Consequently, some favourite reminiscences have been added to the exhibition folder to the great joy of the contemporary and descendants.

Once you hope to meet some cheerfulness, brightness and elegance you won’t feel disappointed. It will be varied though, never tartly but gloomily at times.

Magdalena Wosik is the Satyrykon 2017 Grand Prix winner.

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