Uśmiech, śmiech, ale nie rechot (2)

From the history of Satyrykon cabaret stage

In the beginning of Legnica’s Satyrykon (end of the ‘70s) it wasn’t quite so obvious that it was mainly plastic arts competition. Using his charisma, Andrzej Tomiałojć, the legendary leader of “Parnasik” club, Satyrykon creator and organiser, mingled the feast of satire with a-few-day-long Legnica Cabaret Meetings. Being a friend with so many artists, Tomiałojć took care of presenting to Legnica residents all the most important issues in that sphere. At some moment in the ‘80s (1986) it turned out that there was nobody to invite as, we can read in organisers’ notes, “there weren’t many groups which hadn’t shown up in Legnica by that moment”.

Nowadays it seems completely the other way round. There are lots of cabarets, though many of them will never perform at Satyrykon. On the other hand, there are returns of those, so warmly welcomed once and again, who Satyrykon adores the most. And they have returned for years in the adapted for Legnica ground “Alfred Hitchcok presents…” form (here read: “Artur Andrus invites to…”). Well, let’s admit – one could have got confused recently – not being clear who invites and who is invited indeed, who’s the host and who’s the guest…

Uśmiech, śmiech, ale nie rechot
Magda Umer and Artur Andrus, Satyrykon 2014

Who can be always sure of their place at Satyrykon then? The poetic type of cabaret, the artists so delicately playing with words. And all the ones who, even though they may not know it themselves, follow the path of one of the greatest Satyrykon friends, Andrzej Waligórski. He used to come here every year filling the forms as, at times the only, “writing satirist”. It’s in the memory of those times that our Satyrykon Journalist Award carries his name and proudly presents its motto: “condemn stupidity, don’t hit the ones who’ve already been knocked down and don’t swing on the hanging ones”.

Tomasz Broda’s caricatures have kept the company to artists coming to Legnica for ten years.

This year at Satyrykon you can meet MumioArturoUmero that is Magda Umer, Artur Andrus and Mumio cabaret.

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