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Evil won, but in the name of good – Satyrykon 2019

Cartoon „Communists” by Iranian artist Seyed Ali Miraee defeated almost 2,000 works from around the world and received the Grand Prix from the International Jury Satyrykon 2019.

The winning work presents two tragic consequences for the world of dictators: Joseph Stalin and the Korean leader Kim Jong Una. On a satirical drawing, the faces of both figures are interestingly complementary: Stalin’s mustache is also the hair of Kim Jong Una. – The work is humorous by the author’s idea, but it really is an important warning that evil is still going on, it results from one another. Apart from this drawing, you simply can not be indifferent – says prof. Eugeniusz Skorwider from the University of Arts in Poznań, chairman of this year’s Jury.
– The work is great also because of its versatility. His message will be clear in every corner of the world – emphasizes Grzegorz Szczepaniak, director of the Legnica Culture Center, the organizer of Satyrykon.

The artistic values are also testimony to the uniqueness of the winning work. In a seemingly simple drawing, the author included extremely important content, thanks to which the work seems to be simply cut into satirical. And this is probably one of the reasons why members of the international Jury have been exceptionally unanimous this year during the meeting. And in previous years it was really different – the deliberations were sometimes extremely turbulent.

Satyrykon – one of the most important satirical competitions in the world for cartoonists, caricaturists, poster artists, etc.  – there is a mirror surrounding us reality. Artists from all over the globe show often in their work relevant and current socially emotions. It is not surprising that for this year’s Satyrykon competition was influenced by many drawings of pedophilia in the Catholic church. Pedophilia, of course, does not define the entire church, but it is such a frightening and reprehensible phenomenon that it is difficult to pass this fact indifferently. One of the pedophile works in the Jury church awarded the high, third prize of the Satyrykon 2019. It is a drawing depicting a priest with small feet sticking out of the cassock. The Author of this thrilling work is Poland artist’s Nika Jaworowska – Duchlińska.

– The subject of pedophilia strongly dominated this year’s Satyrykon, beating even brexit or Donald Trump’s actions – says Elżbieta Pietraszko, Satyrykon program author and organizer.

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Seyed Ali MIRAEE „Communists” Grand Prix Satyrykon 2019
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prof. Eugeniusz Skorwider, the chairman of Jury
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Jury prezentuje zwycięską pracę
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