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Encounters with illustration – Magda Wosik

There’s no need to introduce Magda Wosik to anyone in Legnica – everyone knows her. We’ve been admiring her sophisticated drawings (and linocuts) with accurate punchline at different Satyrykon exhibitions for many years. A bigger range of them appeared at Satyrykon Gallery in the form of individual exhibition as soon as in 2011.

Two years later, at Wrocław “Sharp-Eye Skills”, we had the opportunity to get to know some more details of her student-related life. A pleasant dialogue between the two Wrocław Academy of Art and Design pedagogues, the curators of that edition – Magda Wosik and Tomasz Broda, talking about their students and confronting their experiences with their own ones, was one of the most distinctive ideas you can find in the “Skills” related publications. And now, during “Encounters with illustration”, we’ve had the chance to meet some other aspects of her versatile output.

Magda Wosik, together with her husband – Piotr Rychel, is the author of the first Polish “anti-colouring books” – the books meant for scribbles, assuming child’s participation is unconstrained and differentiated. The particular value of them is in the fact that they create a consistent plot, a funny tale and detective story. For years, the author’s also been creating quite popular and witty “strain your sight” pictures – a bit surprising and hard to complete (even for adults). They’ve recently been put together by the author in a form of a book with funny poems as, following the Polish old-school illustrators (e.g. Lengren), she quite freely operates on the edge of word and image. And yet another idea is the Polish epic poem turned into comic book. Also the way she illustrates the popular youth novels seems rather significant – Magda Wosik’s method reflects the text specific character, comes close to satirical cartoon and introduces the young reader into the world of best Polish illustration traditions.

More details:

The extract from the leaflet:

As far as the artist of such a big and differentiated output is concerned, the best is to start from the heart. Everything Magda Wosik does, a drawing for the satirical contest, a poster, a rubric in a newspaper or her own paper, a book illustration, her own book or any exhibition of hers – everything’s always based on an excellent, original and well-thought over idea. Not a surprising fact for an artist who, as one grateful mom put it, has such merits in the field of “heating the neuron connections till they get red”. Magda Wosik realizes her mission of intellectual exercising with reference to all age groups – starting from the youngest, through the youth and she doesn’t finish here…

Magda Wosik w Galerii Satyrykon (1)

Some photos taken at the author’s meeting in Satyrykon Gallery.


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