Jerzy Głuszek w Galerii Satyrykon (2)

Encounters with illustration – Jerzy Głuszek

His beautiful, charming and very reflexive works are well known to satirical painting lovers all over Europe and beyond. They are also well appreciated at the most important competitions starting from those in China, through Italy, ending in Portugal, not to mention, by modesty, Satyrykon itself. This year Jerzy Głuszek added another (third) bronze medal to his diversified collection of awards from Legnica. He slowly makes himself “a classic”, which seems to be confirmed by the variety of invitations to jury works which he receives.

Not a big format (just A4), the intimate pastel technique so much acquainted with the verge of painting and drawing discreetly suppress the impression which Głuszek’s paintings make on their viewers. But let’s imagine them in form of murals! Their collections “wander” through the Internet almost as intensively (though not so spectacularly) as, for example, Paweł Kuczyński’s work collections. Just a glimpse at some Russian language websites…

A rich, and much wider than mentioned above, Jerzy Głuszka’s artistic past has been presented in detail in connection with the recent “Synchron” exhibition in Wrocław. It’s been done “synchronously” to the presentation of the past and creative painting output of his twin brother – Andrzej. We highly recommend the catalogue for this exhibition, which is not only full of works, bits of comments and summaries but also of quite splendid archival photos! Romantic painting and surrealism are frequently mentioned among traditions to which the artist most often refers. How much satire is the in it, or a joke? Well, he might tell us himself when questioned about his way of understanding illustration art… As soon as on Friday (October 21) at 12.30 p.m., Satyrykon Gallery. Please, feel invited!

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