Emilia Dziubak at Satyrykon Gallery

Emilia Dziubak’s name has been appearing quite regularly in Polish children book illustrators “top fives” or “top tens” for a few years now. Her author debut “Gratka dla małego niejadka”  received a distinction in Korea. Children of that part of globe have also got to know some other books which she cooperated to create. Taiwan DPI Magazine of that time (2012) presented her output. Her cooperation with Swedish writer Martin Widemark is quite fruitful as well. Her full of insects fairy-tale world has brought her lots of lovers in Russia, similarly to the tiger drawn by her to illustrate Przemysław Wechterowicz’s text. French children had the chance to meet her version of Little Red Riding Hood a few years ago and little Ukrainians enjoy the book she illustrated since the beginning of this year. Poles have fallen in love with Emilia Dziubak for the whole of her creation and if we were to give examples, we could point at illustrations for “The Borrowers” cycle by Mary Northon or her author-creation – a picturebook “A Year in the Forest” which is so well and widely understood that short descriptions of its characters hardly need any translations. Before the English version of “Gratka dla małego niejadka” – the Fussy Eater Story application appeared, examples of how Emilia illustrates culinary recipes had been easy to find at “They draw & cook”. In other words, Emilia Dziubak’s “a super talented illustrator based in Poznań” works are admired all over the world. Just have a look.

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