GRANICA - nowa wystawa w Galerii Satyrykon (3)

Border – Berlin exhibition at Satyrykon Gallery

Yet for the fourth time in succession The International Cartoon Competition Berlin was taking place. This year, having “BORDER” as a subject. As in the previous competitions, the number of the participating artists from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia impressed us a lot.

The title “BORDER” gave the impetus for the creation of interesting and humorous works, with very different and unexpected interpretations.

Historically determined and partly arbitrarily drawn up borders separate the local population from another, imposing upon them a specific nationality. Using the example of Berlin, the absurdity of a politically motivated demarcation becomes obvious. From one day to another, the city was divided into East and West. The new frontier divided not only streets and houses, but also cemeteries.
The exhibition, as well as the awarding of the competition are presented just in the same place were, fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy spoke his famous words: “Ich bin ein Berliner”. As a sign of encouragement and hope of unity and freedom for all of Berlin.

The online competition was organized and arranged by the KURTUKUNST Gallery in collaboration with the LIMES Image Agency. 1379 works by 603 cartoonist form 80 different countries were submitted to us.
We would like to thank all of the contestants for their interest and courage. With their artistic work and satirical view they consistently try to change the world to make it a better place.
Special thanks go out to the members of the international jury of the competition for their very good work. They had the heavy task to determine the prize-winners from a variety of excellent caricatures.

Without the financial support of the German Lottery Foundation Berlin this cartoon competition would not have been realized.
Thank you very much!
Valeriu Kurtu
Cartoonist and Organizer of the Competition

Border – exhibition folder

Culture Centre of Legnica, Satyrykon Gallery
Legnica, Rynek 36
 3.01- 23.02.2014

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