Belka i Słomka czyli Kalendarz Satyrykonu na 2018 r.

Beam and straw – Satyrykon 2018 calendar

Even if Marcin Markowski, preparing Poznań edition of “Sharp-eye Skills” in 2015, did not work as hard as e.g. Szymon Szymankiewicz, he has later made up for it indeed – having been a juror at Satyrykon 2017, socialising with us in June and, more presently, by creating the poster cover for the second “Sharp-eye Skills” calendar.  He was given a really tough deadline for the poster job. However, he has replied to Monika Hanulak’s vector graphics, which has been gradually turning almost in Skills logo, with fiercely perverse way. With a punch in the nose – wittily, ironically and maliciously. He’s used his well-known from theatre posters (“Bliscy nieznajomi” [Close strangers]  festival, “Opera za trzy grosze” [The Threepenny Opera]) and thought provoking “photographic” form. The crude beam of pencil (where the beam is, there a straw appears?). And there are woodchips, ashes and red spatters. Not too many of these last ones though. You could only wonder how fake these creative petechiae are, and who is fixing the face on whom, with the nose drained on the fifth! (laughs)

And the calendar contains Katowice, Poznań, Łódź and Kraków.

Welcome to the celebrated promotion event.
Satyrykon Gallery in Legnica, Rynek 36, 8 December at 6 p.m.

Belka i Słomka czyli Kalendarz Satyrykonu na 2018 r.
design: Monika Hanulak

Prof. Grzegorz Marszałek has started the presentation of I Poster Workshop in the Poznań edition of “Sharp-eye Skills” text in the following way: In 2008 I chose Marcin Markowski to be my assistant. The reason behind my choice was Marcin’s creative activity, totally different from mine, his beastly talent and a mighty posture – giving me the sense of security. Our discussions, disputes and even arguments about posters amused students, but also made them think – that there is no ‘standard’, no ‘recipe’ but only personality, individuality, creativity, talent and a pinch of luck may guarantee their success. Since then the author mentioned in the text has madly worked and kept winning prestigious awards, although it hasn’t been an obstacle for him to visit us regularly in Legnica and verify some pieces of information.

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