#IseeIfeelIdraw – exhibition by Museum of Caricature in Warsaw

An exhibition of 10 Polish women artists, known mainly from the internet space, creators of internet memes and cartoon comics, will be presented at Legnica’s Modrzejewska Theatre from 9 June to 30 September as part of the exhibitions accompanying Satyrykon 2023. The original presentation of the exhibition took place in 2022 at the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw, then it went to the Women’s Rights Centre in Poznan. The third instalment of #IseeIfeelIdraw is presented thanks to the collaboration with our partner Museum of Caricature in Warsaw.

about the exhibition – Kinga Dunin


is an exhibition made up of bits and pieces of women’s everyday life, funny and surprising at times, painful and difficult at others. It is a product of day-to-day observations of intimate and private, medial, public, and political reality. The artists use humour as a tool for taming the world around, at the same time frequently questioning the rules that govern this world.

Ten different artists present ten views of the same reality. It is a world of women who do not stay indifferent to what happens around them, but also a world determined by norms and circumstances, which particularly affect women.

The digital media are the natural environment of their art; it is in those media that they have found a wide audience. We meet these artists on the internet, which has its own habits of use – click, like it, and scroll on. How will they function in physical exhibition space? How will this modify their message? This is what visitors to our exhibitions will be able to find out.

The boundary between literature and plastic arts is fluid and conventional, with comics situated somewhere in between, along with cartoons, graphic mini-feuilletons, metaphorical drawings… and, naturally, also memes. Even text itself can carry additional emotions and meanings when arranged graphically. Sometimes one line can tell us more than a hundred words.


The Artists

Maria Apoleika – Psie sucharki (Dog Biscuits)

Matylda Damięcka – The Girl Who Fell on Earth

Magda Danaj – Porysunki (Afterdrawings)

Marta Frej – Marta Frej’s Memy (Mems)

Małgorzata Halber – Bohater (The Hero)

Karolina Plewińska – Szarosen (Grey Dreams)

Agnieszka Szczepaniak – PaplaLala (ChatterDoll)

Kamila Szcześniak – Nieładnie (Not Nice)

Monika Szydłowska – Na Emigracji (In Emigration)

Marta Zabłocka – Życie na kreskę (Living on Tick)

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