Poster of Satyrykon 2023 (author: Wojciech Mazur)



The Legnica Satyrykon, although it has been bound with a rather different form of artistic expression, since its beginning has been associated with posters. Quite probably this is because we can still remember times when poster was an arena for the best caricaturists.

Satyrykon posters, created both by graphic artists, painters, illustrators, scenographers and dedicated poster designers, decide the quality and powerful image of the event. When looking through the Satyrykon posters portfolio we come across various ways of treating the subjects. Posters express their contents in a language of signs and symbols. They are reflexive, filled with lyrical references, they may also reveal artists’ inner worlds and their deep reflections.

Satyrykon Posters

Find posters of Satyrykon competition below.
Edition 2023

author: Wojciech Mazur

Edition 2022

author: Grzegorz Myćka

Edition 2021

author: Władysław Pluta

Edition 2020

author: Justyna Jędrysek

Edition 2019

author: Eugeniusz Skorwider

Edition 2018

author: Monika Hanulak

Edition 2017

author: Natalia Stachura

Edition 2016

author: Agata Dudek

Edition 2015

author: Ryszard Kaja

Edition 2014

author: Jacek Staniszewski

Edition 2013

author: Kaja Renkas

Edition 2012

author: Janusz Kapusta

Edition 2011

author: Marcin Bondarowicz

Edition 2010

author: Sebastian Kubica

Edition 2009

author: Mieczysław Wasilewski

Edition 2008

author: Andrzej Dudziński

Edition 2007

author: Ryszard Kaja

Edition 2006

author: Bogna Otto-Węgrzyn

Edition 2005

author: Józef Wilkoń

Edition 2004

author: Wiesław Grzegorczyk

Edition 2003

author: Mirosław Gryń

Edition 2002

author: Waldemar Świerzy

Edition 2001

author: Andrzej Krauze

Edition 2000

author: Mieczysław Górowski

Edition 1999

author: Rafał Olbiński

Edition 1998

author: Jan Lenica

Edition 1997

author: Leszek Wiśniewski

Edition 1996

author: Wiesław Rosocha

Edition 1995

author: Jerzy Czerniawski

Edition 1994

author: Lex Drewinski

Edition 1993

author: Wiktor Sadowski

Edition 1992

author: Roman Kalarus

Edition 1991

author: Wiesław Wałkuski

Edition 1990

author: Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz

Edition 1989

author: Stasys Eidrigevičius

Edition 1988

author: Jull Dziamski, Maciej Mańkowski

Edition 1987

author: Ryszard Kabanow

Edition 1986

author: Ryszard Kabanow

Edition 1985

author: Andrzej Pągowski

Edition 1984

author: Zygmunt Januszewski

Edition 1983

author: Jerzy Kapusta

Edition 1981

author: Wojciech Grzymała

Edition 1980

author: Edward Lutczyn

Edition 1979

author: Krystyna Hyplak

Edition 1978

author: Krystyna Hyplak

Edition 1977

author: Robert Szecówka

Poster authors

Alphabetical list of authors of posters of the Satyrykon competition.
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