PINS (pl. Szpila Satyrykonu) for ARTUR ANDRUS

Artur Andrus is the laureate of Szpila Satyrykon 2022.

A popular journalist, satirist and singer. For Satyrykon, he was the creator of the cabaret stage of the Legnica festival of satire as the summer. He opened the 40th anniversary of Satyrykon as a master of ceremonies. He also made bowls, which from 2013 selects the winners of the Satyrykon Szpila. This year Szpila Satyrykonu will go to Artur Andrus for charming rhymes and pure class.

This year it was awarded for the tenth time. The statuette is awarded by the Chapter of Szpil Satyrykon, composed of: Katarzyna Kasia, Beata Tadla, Henryk Sawka, Mateusz Różański and Grzegorz Szczepaniak.

So far, the laureates of Szpil Marek Ra: Maria Peszek and Wojciech Młyczkowski (2013), Robert Górski and Tymon Tymański (2014), Maria Czubaszek and Michał Walczak and Maciej Łubieński (2015), Joanna Kołaczkowska and Wojciech Młynarski (2016), Robert Górski and Maciej Stuhr (2017), Stanisław Tym and Henryk Sawka (2018), Piotr Bukartyk and Andrzej Poniedzielski (2019), Wojciech Mann (2020), and the “Contact Glass” team (2021).

Legnica Satyrykon is the oldest satirical competition in Poland, which could be obtained graphics, graphics, prints, drawings. In this year’s – jubilee – 45th edition, a total of 2,500 works by 7 authors from 65 countries of the world.

Szpila will be presented on September 15, 2022 during the opening of the International Exhibition Satyrykon – Legnica 2022 at the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw.

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